Parents of Charlie Gard end legal battle



After the original ruling by the Supreme Court to stop Charlie Gards treatment, the parents of Charlie have now decided to stop the legal battle to try and give him an experimental treatment in the USA.

The disease Charlie has:

What are your thoughts? Do you think the experimental treatment should have proceeded even though medical professionals deemed it would merely “prolong his death” rather than improve his quality of life, bear in mind it is just a treatment and not a cure.

A lot of people (especially on Twitter for what that’s worth) have blamed it on “socialist healthcare” vs privatised healthcare, stating privatised healthcare would solve the problem, and other say universal healthcare should truly be universal - what are your thoughts on this?


That’s good enough for me. I’d prefer to trust the opinions of professionals over those of the parents.


Let the poor boy rest in peace.


I’ll be praying for the parents and child to get through this time safely.


The parents, although difficult and understandable, should not let their emotions get in the way. For the sake of their son. :pray:t2: