Whats your thoughts on participism?

Wikipedia definition"[B]Participism[/B] is a libertarian socialist[/URL] political philosophy consisting of two independently created economic and political systems: [URL=‘’]participatory economics[/URL] or “parecon” and [URL=‘’]participatory politics[/URL] or “parpolity”. Participism is intended as an alternative to both [URL=‘’]capitalism[/URL] and centrally-planned [URL=‘’]state socialism. Participism has significantly informed the interim International Organization for a Participatory Society"

Do you think this is a fundamentally good idea or do you not?
Do you think it is still a relevant idea?
How do you think an ideology like this affects our societies?
Is this for the good or the bad?
Do you believe that modern societies should take up this ideology?
And why?


Parecon is what they have in Star Trek :slight_smile:

The main issue with parecon, which was noted by its creators (if I remember correctly), is that people aren’t ready for it as a system. People with low risk jobs don’t want to earn less than riskier workers, especially is the former has a more expensive education or has worked harder to reach their position.


I think it’s kind of ridiculous in a lot of ways but whatever, people are thinking of and discussing new and radical ways of achieving a better society, that alone is progression.


It sounds very outdated to me; you wouldn’t catch me voting for the Participist party anyway.


I personally support participism although as a main tendency I support democratic confederalism.Just my two cents as a High-Functioning Aspie libertarian socialist from SoCal.


Participism is not a political party.It is a strain of political thought within the anarchist movement.