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ayyy rip

Forgot to post:
Your test scores suggest that your personality style entails: There is considerable variety in the traits of the personality style that you scored the strongest on (the schizotypal one). However, your fundamental characteristic seems to be a certain oddness - oddness in thought, oddness in behavior, oddness in speech, and oddness in perception. Your “odd” perceptions tend to be either illusory in character (i.e. a tendency towards magical thinking) or a slightly suspicious bent in the sense that you think that strangers are weird, threatening, or out to hurt you. Even those closest to you sometimes think that you are ‘distant,’ being more engaged with your own thoughts than what is going on around you.




Why doesn’t the narcissism surprise me?

SIDE NOTE: Holy shit, 114%? Are you House but without the smarts?

SIDE NOTE 2: You’re not depressed or autistic? Wtaf are you doing on YD then? Fucking normiefag


Yeah that is quite high.

The 71% Sadistic is surprising for me though.


Some how with that high narcissism rating, the sadistic rating doesn’t surprise me…




Avoid me daddy


85% Antisocial and 100% avoidant. How the fuck do I even manage to interact with people?

Also, in an amazing sense of timing, Spotify is playing “All by Myself”.


I got the exact same for those two lol.

Tbf I much prefer to me alone most of the time.


Yeah, I definitely, 100% prefer to be alone. I feel like I can’t really by myself around other people. I’m a freak, it just wouldn’t end well.


Me irl

(It explains why I have few actual friends lol)



Fucking attention seeker



Why doesn’t the Histrionicism not surprise me?


How do I post the chart? It just keeps posting the numbers?





Screenshot, then either just post it straight away or edit the unnecessary stuff out in paint.


Im a typical autist whos not afraid of social scenarios.
Personality Style Test
Your personality style is:

Your test scores suggest that your personality style entails: A preoccupation with matters of order and control. Not only are you supremely well organized and settled into your usual and familiar routines, you also believe that others should be. This may lead the people around you to perceive you as a moralistic stickler and a busybody - someone who’s always pointing out the inefficiencies and mistakes of others, smugly flaunting your own successes as a model for others to follow. Unbeknownst to yourself, however, one reason that you cling to the rules is because you feel that you constantly must fight off urges to let loose in order to be worthy of love and respect. You most likely have unacknowledged feelings of anger and defiance that you hide away from the world, attempting instead to present a perfect facade that others may admire and respect.
Although some above are little bit off, this is a generic test after all,