Personality test


Thanks @BingoBongoLand for finding another stupid test to waste my time.

Multiple Personality Styles
Oh dear, oh dear. Either you clicked ‘Agree’ to too many questions that did not really apply to you, or you appear to have multiple, equally prominent personality styles. It is quite possible that you have several personality styles that are all strongly expressed and which co-exist in you.

Oh, you mean like being a human being?

Whether you really have these multiple personality styles, or you just clicked ‘Agree’ too leniently, we are unable to say, and we are therefore also incapable of giving you a more personalized description. But you can consult the charts below in order to see which of the styles you score the strongest on.

No, you’re test had retarded questions. Am I or am I not supposed to agree with a question that sets up a part I agree with, but then follows it with something (which at times was completely irrelevant) that I disagree with.


i thought this too, if they made it like 180 questions, with a lot of the things split, the answers would be more accurate, since some are like “do you feel sad and everytime someone says hi you think they wanna murder you” like it’s pretty poorly done.


Ohhh, Knights Teutonic eh?

Your new helmet, feel free to use it in your profile picture, if you wish to crusade on the forums or discord with me,


I don’t have a lot of emotions, and I don’t express my emotions.

Should be two different questions really.

I am uncomfortable around strangers and sometimes fantasize that they will hurt me.

What the fuck? Where did that second part come from?

If a good thing comes my way, I don’t feel happy about it. I don’t feel I deserve to be happy.

Again, two different questions

Lying to and misleading people isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be. We all do it, all the time.

Can I not agree to one but not the other? Why isn’t their a neutral button anyway?

I can’t be happy about good things that happen to me, because I feel like I don’t deserve it.

This is just the same question as before.

I am afraid of closeness with others because I know it can end with them ridiculing me in front of other people

Stop making assumptiosn as to why in the same question.

People think I say strange things. In my mind, I think they also talk about my looks behind my back, picking out every deformity and imperfection.

Thewe two are almost completely unrelated.

More stupid questions

I don’t have a lot of faith in my own judgment - others are usually better at making solid decisions than I am.
People often underestimate or ignore me - there seems to be no fairness in who makes it to the top.
My thoughts have a tendency to run in certain strange loops, and dwell on weird themes, and I wish I could get rid of this.

This test also seems to be unable to calculate contradicting values between questions given that it’s somehow possible to get a 100% on all questions if you just spam agree, even though some questions directly contradict other ones if you agree with them.

Fuck. This. Quiz.


same personality as me lol


Your personality style is:
Your test scores suggest that your personality style entails: An extreme autonomy and self-reliance, and a deviance from societal norms. You have poor impulse control and are sensitive to being slighted. Hostility and vindictiveness comes easily to you. You are impatient and restless, always in pursuit of more of “the good things in life.” You are never satisfied in having, only in taking. Seemingly undaunted by risk, pain, and punishment, you are truly unbound by the deterrents that normally condition people’s lives, be they cultural or biological.


Looking through these, how the fuck did I get 114% narcissist? Like 100% I would understand, but 114%???





Aight I’m predicting like 100% narc and 100% negativistic. Will post results.

EDIT: Well I got one correct, but the negativity questions were all stuff about underestimated oneself, etc. I’m more of a pessimist about the future of the world so that makes sense why I got a low result.
Personality Style Test

Your personality style is:
Your test scores suggest that your personality style entails: A grandiose over-valuation of self-worth and an extreme conviction of your own importance and uniqueness. The way you see it, you are entitled to admiration and affection by virtue of your intrinsic magnificence, and so you go through life expecting to be treated with reverent attention. You care little for others beyond what they can do for you and have little understanding of the concept of reciprocity. But you are not vindictive, because you perceive yourself to be entirely “above” the petty give-and-takes that others engage in. So long as the admiration which you feel is your due is forthcoming from others in some shape or form, you are contented and even benevolent.


Very good test! My starsign is also Capricorn, does this website have a horoscope?