Pet peeves


i hate when people talk with their mouth open … happened at lunch today with my coworker :barf


What? I hate when people chew with their mouths open.

I always talk with my mouth open! :lol


:tard :tard hahaha… i was talking when i was writing that…
:rofl :rofl :rofl


:funnah Hahahaha!


obviously i cant do two things at once… that should be my next pet peeve


its friggin 2005 - how can some people still not have call waiting???


I hate it when stupid people breathe


lol stop the peeves before they happen


:lol Damn if thats not true. I hate waiting for nothing. Thats a bad pet peeve of mine.


I hate hurrying upo to wait…mullet you should know what I mean about that


Re: RE: pet peeves

All too well my friend all too well. Especially in Aviation. :tard


im lost :dunno :dunno …nothing new there


Thats something you have to live with in the Navy. Hurry up and wait!!! That used to piss me off so bad.


did you say NAVY?


Yeah? :dunno


lol…im a big fan of uniforms


Oh yeah? :smiley:


oh yea :banana


Assholes that leave their turn signal on. Especially if they’re saying they wanna turn left from the left lane of I-95. And semis should NOT be allowed to pass each other on a two lane highway. One’s going 72, and the guy going 72.5 wants to pass him. It takes 10 minutes before I can speed again. Fuckers. Sorry, I wanted to get that off my chest.


Re: RE: pet peeves

:funnah :funnah @ the two truckers…

i know what you mean… :fu