PETA Petition


I just heard that PETA is trying to get rid of animal mascots. Not like, real animals, but people dressed up as them. Like for the Redsocks, they have a rooster as the mascot. PETA says it promotes cock fights. What retards. So, I started a petition against PETA. Click Here Iโ€™m gonna send it to PETA after there are some signatures :smiley:



as long as more hot chicks pose naked for PETA, i support them :smiley:


This after PETA euthanised 13 perfectly adoptable and fixed dogs and threw them in a dumpster in a back alley.

Hypocracy at itโ€™s finest.


peaople eating tasty animals :dunno

peta are a bunch of scumbags


Re: RE: PETA Petition

They did what? Link me.