Petals around the Rose Riddle


Anyways, follow the instructions… its said that the more intelligent you are the longer it’ll take you to solve it.


LOL i forgot how crazy this place can be hehehehe :lol :lol :lol


Where did the posts go??? I know I put a post in this thread???


why’d you have to post that. now i’ll be rolling dice all night long. arg…


Re: RE: Petals around the Rose Riddle

Thats what happened to me to! I know I posted something in the Video and Picture section and know its not there. It was @ 7:45 or so when I did.


this might help everyone. my brother had played this game before but it had a different name. NOTE: the name is an important part to figuring out the riddle. instead of “pedals around a rose” try “polar bears, they come in PAIRS, they sit around a HOLE and fish.” after he told me the different title i got it right the first time.


I still dont get it???


Please tell me…


I’m not going to quit whoring the thread till you do!!!


Cmon now its already past my bedtime!!!


What if there are no pairs…or what if there are triples??

I still dont get it!!!


Ok…who has figured this game out???


Damnit, I’m going to dream about dice now!!!


I cant fiure it out either! I was hoping someone else could so they could tell me! :smiley:


HAHA thats pretty easy. took me a sec but i got it. PM me if you want to know how to do it


I feel your pain carebear.


HA! Got it, never mind carebear!


ok carebear and MRS. B say out loud to your self petals AROUND the rose.


I finally figured it out!

After someone showed me! :rofl


Thanks to the hints that was the stoopidist thing ever :smiley: