Pete Rose

Do any of you baseball fans think that Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame? I personally do. He has set records that no other player will ever touch.

Sure, why not? There’s alot of baseball players that have had their problems with gambling, alcohol, drugs and womanizing, etc. over the years and they’re in the Hall of Fame. Pete’s paid his dues; it’s time to get over it and put him in…

Pete should be in. All the modern guys who use roids are gunna get in (Bonds, Mcguire…etc) and his run in with the law in no way made him a better player. In my book he’s in.

considering that there is other players that did a hell of a lot worse (not just baseball players) and are still in the hall of fame yes I think he should be…

Yeah I think Pete should be in the hall of fame. Like you guys have said players have done worse. At least Pete had the testicular fortitude to own up to his mistake.

RAT, I don’t know if McGuire will get in… and if he does it won’t be easy. Didn’t he get barely any votes his first time around?