Pewdepie uses racial slur


He’s at it again and people are butt blasted.


No public figure that influences a huge fan base of mostly young children could make racial slurs and not be condemned by the media and public. He would lose his job if he was employed in conventional media for this shit; it is perfectly acceptable and in fact absolutely necessary we call people out for this stuff in new forms of media.


He already lost the deal with Disney and YouTube but at this point he just doesn’t care. I doubt anything will change, he’ll probably do an apology and then back to business.


How the fuck is this news?

I hope you one day realize how just how awful this kind of thinking really is.


He should become a rapper and get a record deal. Disney Music Group/Sony Music Entertainment would be more than happy to sign people who sing about nigga lyfe.


He’s just an idiot, I thought we had already established that. Telling awful jokes and laughing about how awful they are, and making playthroughs of games where autistic rants are the norm. That’s why he’s famous. He was probably trying to make a joke and failed miserably, like last time. The context is missing.

On the other hand, that a media outlet is making so much of a fuss about it, tells much about how the media is lacking originality and ditching journalistic professionality in favor of clickbait titles and worthless “news” pandering to an audience. The industry is in decay.


Its stupid and should be called out but I’m not entirely sure if the amount of attention is right. He is the biggest YouTuber though so its at least understandable


Pretty sure most of pewdiepies stick is derogatory comedy, condemnation? Well it’s obvious to any veteran watcher of Pew that he’s fucking around, although I get why the overwatch lads pulled the copyright strike, they give free copies of overwatch to youtubers and streamers all the time, so it’s effectively an endorsement of his content, blizzard went after porn of overwatch for a while so it’s not surprising they went after this,

“We don’t want our characters being sexualised”
Riiiight , why does widowmaker have a literal camel toe then? Or this skin?


Events like this explain why the usage of the word nigger is becoming more prevalent. To piss people off. It’s funny the reaction it gets. Suddenly everyone who uses it is a racist.

I guess nigger is becoming like racist and lol. The latter two have lost any meaning they’ve ever had and are basically placeholders.


I think the team that made the game he played filed a DMCA. Which, to my knowledge, is blatantly illegal and can result in litigative action. Unfortunately Pewdiepie is too mild and compassionate to do that, but were it me, I’d sue them into space.


They’ll go after him too, even though he’s independently wealthy and has his own personal fanbase unconnected from any larger brand. Just lmao if you think that the media condemning him will do shit other than alienate his young and impressionable fanbase from the media. Who do you think people who spend dozens of hours watching this fucker play video games are going to side with- some nagging journalist or their object of adoration?


I guess you really are trying to get banned from this site lmao

My history teacher last year tried to defend the idea that all white people were racist because they were born with white privilege, and conversely, POCs couldn’t be racist at all. I almost yelled the n word at her face to see if it would change her mind.


‘almost’ is not good enough!

tbf all history teachers around the world are anti-white commies for some reason


It isnt, they have not authorised Pew to use their game in his streaming, which he does for profit, one of the main dudes in their studio talked about this actually, basically stating that all streamers are violating their copyright however its in their interests to ignore it, because it’s advertising for overwatch, which becomes their endorsement. However due to a lack of contract they can effectively revoke it any time.


The way copyright generally functions in the United States is that the longer you know someone is ‘breaking’ it, and choose not to enforce it, the weaker your case actually is in court for enforcement. It’s part of why companies like Disney are so anal about copyright infringement. Since they’ve knowingly let hundreds of thousands of videos already get put up it’s very unlikely that they could win in court over this, and it would probably be deemed fair use.


Mine was a Trotskyist…


hard laughter in the background


He was a cool guy though… communists being anti-white is a /pol/-tier meme, however.


My history teacher never revealed her political perspective, but she always showed us nuance in what happened. She was actually a really cool person too.(and she was kinda hot, gorgeous hair and eyes)


Oh come the fuck on mate. When someone says something awful you call them out on it. That’s what normal moral human beings do. We don’t live in some special snowflake society where political views are immune from criticism. You are so utterly confused; you can’t distinguish between political debate and criticism and a legislative right to ‘free speech’.