Pewdepie uses racial slur


Can you clarify how far exactly you think people should go with condemnation?


Burn them at the stake, obviously.

No you stupid twat; call them out as being bad role models, and point out their disgusting views. People in the public eye obviously have to watch what they say or people will get angry and they will lose their jobs. No one is immune from criticism; special snowflakes like you just cry whenever someone gets called a racist because you can’t handle the fact that people disagree with you.


I have no problem with fair criticism. The problem is when it goes past that.

So you think it is fair to fire people if they piss off a large group of people?


material equality of the races necessitates the downfall of whites. fact


what do you mean by downfall?


fall from democratic power & dramatic decrease in average living standards and pay and mass confiscation of wealth

any attempt at forced racial financial equality is, by nature, anti-white.

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  2. The youth of today use the word “nigger” more than anyone else. Pewdiepie off handedly saying “nigger” isn’t going to make them say it more. They’ll just grow up and realize how shitty they were in their early teens like virtually everyone does

YouTube has basically become Pewdiepie’s bitch at this point. Sure, YouTube can fuck with the smaller channels and feel mimimal backlash. If Pewdiepie just decided to leave for another platform, like, he would drag a signficant chunk of his fanbase with him. And with that fanbase, other YouTubers. And the cycle would repeat until the website would be devoid of any non-corporate channels.

Nah, it was basically just a reaction insult to his teammate being killed in PUBG

It wasn’t overwatch. It was firewatch. And the devs would lose any DMCA claims they filed against him.

m8, what the fuck are you on about?

what? you’re telling me the WSJ isn’t hip with the kids?

Doesn’t matter. Unless it’s some sort of closed beta in which you agree to a contract saying you won’t stream, they nothing. The recent h3h3 lawsuit provides a solid precedent for “transformative content”, which this would no doubt be classed as.

This was a problem back during the early days of Let’s Plays. But companies quickly realized that it was shit publicity for them to do so, so the practice of developers taking down videos that use their games has basically ended.


>using a /pol/-tier braindead meme

Nice work, fag.


never even opened /pol/

nice try, fag


no one ever said you did
protesting a little too much


lol fucking hell man, “i never touched the community but i used its content HAH ur dumb!”


the meme in question was first posted on imgur before being reposted on 4chan but ok