Does anyone have a favorite philosopher/philosophy?? I’ve been really interested in Hobbes for awhile and I’m finally getting around to reading Leviathan. I’m just curious if theres anyone you guys love (or hate, I’m sure a lot of you probably hate Hobbes since you know Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes lol).


Aristotle and Socrates are probably my favorite. Kant is also a good one IMO


Yeah I like Kant, like Hobbes better but Kants good.


Locke and Adam Smith reeeee


Ayn Rand, Friedrich Nietzsche, John Locke


Descartes, Kant’s rather interesting too, Schopenhauer looks like a koala…


I totally agree on Nietzsche but Ayn Rand’s whole ideology revolves around being a self-serving prick


Heroism, Self-Interest, and Objectivity.
You will come to find that truly self-interested people help others when they need it, however only if the others who need help are deserving of assistance.


Yeah, no. People can be exploitative dicks. You need something to prevent people from fucking each other over. That’s why we have empathy and sympathy programmed into our brains. Without that civilizations would fall apart. Look at ancient Rome for example. When the emperors stopped caring for the long-term good of the Republic (and later the Empire) and started caring more about their own status, power, and enjoyment Rome fell apart


Well a few things, self-interest is necessary to live a life that you want, not a life that others demand you live. If you find it in your best interest to run an orphanage then that is up to you to say and do; not the government, not the people, only the individual who takes it upon themselves to do so. If I did everything on the interests of the people, for the interest of the government, my interest would never be taken into account. I do agree that Rand can be twisted into a Crony Capitalist, and that is a pretty negative thing, however if individuals have no self interest they are nothing but shallow beings. Heroism is another important block of the ideals put forth, one must be heroic and to be heroic means you must do what is ethical at all times, be an ideal man doing what they must to build a future for themselves without ruining the opportunities of others building for themselves, and through building for themselves they will build for the world.

I think that doing things for yourself ultimately betters society. No one builds bridges without getting paid, and those who do are acting against their self-interest.


Yes, self-interest to an extent. But selfishness is different. There’s a difference between trying to make yourself happy and trying to get as far ahead regardless of what it does to other people.


Hence why heroism is one of the other pillars. You seem to be ignoring that fact.


Heroism technically just means great bravery. It doesn’t say anything about not being a self-serving asshat.


A Randian Hero is a hero who is ethical, brave in the face of imposing social ideals, and self-interested.


Ok fair enough


Yessss Nietzsche is good. I like him alot.


What do you mean by ethical though? Like Ayn Rands version of ethical? I’ll admit I’m not familiar with much of her views but I know for sure ethics are based more on a individual basis. Those who commit ‘war crimes’ may sure find their actions ethical. Just curious as to what sort of ethics Ayn Rands ‘Hero’ would have.


You do not impede others and their individual rights is probably the biggest thing.




Ah okay.