Pick the Banner


#1 AmoRal

#2 Saj1420

#3 RecklessTim

#4 Bodydroppednike


all look awesome but there’s something about tim’s that i like more. so i voted for tim #3


I voted saj, ive always loved work from him




hey V! i accidentaly voted for #2, but i meant to vote for #1! sorry bout that


one and two are good


2 is the best, followed by 3


no one likes my quick 2 minute banner :frowning:

hey im the only one that made it to the size of what the current one is. you others didnt :stuck_out_tongue:


We made it to the size specified by MD in the first post. 985 pixels x 170 pixels


I am declaring Saj the winner, and I’m going to go ahead and replace the one we have now. I want to go a different approach with it though, something innovative and new I’m thinking. I’ll let the cat out of the bag at a later time. For now though, congrats Saj.


thanks… thats not mine tho :cool


It was changed. Yours was up Saj, and is very nice, but was too bright and looked out of place.


oh alright… no its cool i like his, the rollovers are a good effect and colors etc. match better