Pics of muh new Dodge Ram


Well… not totally mine yet, but maybe. I am still undecided.






There’s plenty of room in that thing isn’t there? You could probably fit three hookers in the backseat.


Re: RE: Pics of muh new Dodge Ram

actually, about 5 :banana

then the one in your lap, and then there is the bed of the truck :hump


thats looks sweet. i think you should get it. either that or a F250 or F350


I would go with the F-250 but thats just a matter of personal preference. I saw the truck today and the pics dont even do it justice. Its veeery noice. :rock


i love the f150 FX4.


Nice truck mang. Looks sharp.


So did ya buy it today or what?


I tested this out with my dad’s friend’s Ram. You can actually fit 10 hookers inside it. :rock


thats nice… :dunno :tard


Dood buy that thing! It’s nice :cool


put a missle rack in the back :smiley:


:wtf I dunno about that mang… :lol


nice truck looks like mine i think we even have the same color and step you should have gotten a good deal this time of year my 04 with 4x4 and 4.7 V8 was a great buy at $22,923 after taxes and i still love it after a year , i’m getting 13 to 14 around town and up to 19 on the turnpike, not bad for a full size truck. :woohoo