Pics of my notch



Noice ride, very clean. What kind of mods do you have done to her?


nice porno red interior :smiley:


Dude if that was black, that’s the exact notch I’m looking for. I love the exhaust. Is that a red ford emblem?

Stock interior?

Looks pimp… what’s done to her anyway? looks like its got some engine mods.


id venture to say that he:

replaced the stock air intake
changed spark plugs
those engine compartment strengtheners… the bars
and maybe some cosmetics



dont forget

gauges galore (meaning more mods must be done- right?)


It’s got:
Accel Coil
Accel Ignition Module
Pro-M 75MM Mass Air Flow Meter
C&L Inlet Tube
Professional Products 70mm Throttle Body and EGR Spacer
Ford Motorsports 5/8" Phenolic Intake Heat Spacer
MAC 1 5/8" Equal Length Headers
2 1/2" Flow Master Exhaust w/ Off Road H Pipe and 3" Stainless Tips
BBK Underdrive Pulleys
MAC Chrome Strut Tower Brace
Moroso Cold Air Induction System
K&N Air Filter
Ford Motorsports B303 Cam Shaft
Ford Motorsports Aluminum Driveshaft
Accel Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
Accel Fuel Pressure Gauge
Ford Motorsports 9MM Red Plug Wires With Stainless Terminals
B&M Ripper Shifter
Ford Motorsports King Cobra Clutch
Weld Draglite “Big-N-Littles”
KSR White Face A/C Gauges
Speedware White Face Gauges
3" Cobra R Fiberglass Cowl Induction Hood
Autometer Phantom Series Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
Autometer Phantom Series Oil Pressure Gauge
Autometer Phantom Series Water Temp Gauge
Autometer Phantom Series 5" Shift Lite Tach

This list was taken from a pre-existing document that I had, so don’t think I would normally type out all that shit!

It also has a NOS dry system jetted for 100 shot. The intake is fully polished as are the tensioner and valve covers. I am working on picking up a Cobra intake cheap though, so I will be selling the polished upper soon. It still has 3.08 gears which are KILLING my et’s and these Tiger Paw street tires aren’t helping any! She has gone 8.15 @ 88.10 in the 1/8th. She should go 7.7s with 3.73s and some DRs.

And, FWIW, that’s not the porno red interior. The porno red one has EVERYTHING red, including the dash, steering wheel, complete console, etc, etc. :barf