Pics of some of the unexploded bombs in London!


9 people arrested so far :banana


:rock I’m glad those bastards are being caught.

Definitely some strange choices on what the bombs look like. I hadn’t seen any of those pics, thanks for the post.

Anyways, I hope they catch everyone involved in order to prevent anything else from happening.


That gives me the creeps. It is so scary.


If you stidied in High school or in college about chemistry and elements then you can make a bomb. Plus there are underground sites on the internet that show you how. But this guy was taught in terrorist training camps. Vasaline and gas or lighter fluid. Makes napalm


Why can’t people be nice? Why do people have to do shit like that?


Re: RE: Pics of some of the unexploded bombs in London!

you can also put styrofoam in a mixture of gas and battery acid to make a very effective version of napalm. not that its a good idea or anything, but it can really help start a campfire, and isn’t really that dangerous…it just wonlt go out once you light it.