Piercing and contacts


So… I think it’s time for a change… within the next three months I’m going to go and get my left ear pierced. Does anyone know how much the piercing alone will cost? I want to get just a little diamond earring to put into it, I’m looking to spend about 150-200 on that alone, what size would I get for that kind of cost?

Also how do you keep new piercings from getting infected?

Also, who here wears contacts? I’d really like to get some month by month contacts. I hear the costs are around 100-120 a year for a set of 12.


With piercings, you just make sure you keep the openings clean with like, sanitzer or something. They should tell you when you get it done. And my brother and sister have contacts, as well as my cousin, so I might be able to help. Whatcha need to know about that?



are you looking to get it done at a body piercing shop or in the mall. you cant use a regular earing to get your ear pierced with. the ear piercing earings they use are sharper and a little thicker. and you should leave it in there for the time they say. i guess it was 4-6 weeks so it doesnt close on you a little when you use a regular earing. just clean it every day and twist it every once in a while.


All i need to know about contacts is if you wear em, what kind are they, where do you get em and how much are they?

As for the piercing, it’ll be done at a piercing studio since those are all over the place here in town, not at some mall shop.


Well you just put the contacts in your eye. You will know if you put them in inside out. I suggest going to a Pearl Vision store. From what I know, they are anywhere from $80-150, but I could be wrong.


my sister wears contacts. they may be covered under insurance if i remember correctly. that is if your insurance plan has vision.


i don’t have insurance anymore, don’t care. I have the money to pay out of pocket now.

As a matter of fact, i’m currently starting up my “Supercharger savings” in my National City checking account that I don’t really use anyway. :smiley:


At Pearl Vision, you can get a free pair of contacts to try out. Just do that and keep them :smiley:



LOL and then wake up one morning and not be able to open my eyes. haha


pearl vision is good… go to any eye glass store and make an appt. they will have to measure your pupil, ect before they order you contacts. Im fixing to go get contacts as well, so I dont have to remember my glasses. I always forget them when I leave the house! :frowning:


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Me too! And Im suppose to be wearing mine when I drive but I ALWAYS forget at home!


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Your eyesight is better than mine. If I forget mine, and I go to scratch my nose I’d think my hand is a giant fly and duck out of the way. I get confused by blurry images. :tard