Did anyone watch the show pinks last night :gears :gears :gears


The host is an idiot.

The guy with the stock LS1 and a 50 shot is also an idiot.

Kinda surprised me when they used f-bodies for the show…I was figuring on some “tuners” being there.


:dunno what is show about?


racing for pink slips on speed tv


yes that guy was a idiot i can believe we raced that guy.


Wasn’t JD’s friend on it :dunno

with the LT1


so wait, its real people racing for slips?


yea i never heard of it either


The first show I ever saw was the guys with the Mustangs. I think a 67, 68 coupes that were donated buy the show. They got a certain amount of money to spend on car parts and had so many hours to accomplish the refit. some guy ran giggle gas on a stock 289 and blew it up. The other guy put in a cam and headers and smoked the tires halfway down the track.

It was fuggin awesome.


news to me


i guess ill have to set my tivo to record it or something


that was the dumbest damn show i had ever seen. the host was a complete douche bag.


Re: RE: pinks

[quote=StangMang]Wasn’t JD’s friend on it :dunno

with the LT1[/quote]

Yes he was. “Juicin,” appropriately named, was in the green LT1 Camaro. I actually bought a converter from him a LONG time ago…but it wouldn’t fit an LS1. Thank god, after seeing how much nitrous he sprays though it.

Yes, the host is the worst part of the show.