Pit Bull saves family

I am a huge animal lover and I found out that California is trying to ban the breed. There is no such thing as a bad breed, just bad OWNERS. Unfortunatly, you never here the wonderful things these dogs do because they have such a bad reputation. Well, I found something I wanted to share.
I cried

Pit Bull saves 2 women from deadly cobra, dies wagging his tail - 2007-03-01

Im partial to pit bulls because thats what kind of dog we have and thats why the judge is making us pay for our neighbors drain pipe just because she is a pit bull so he (the judge) automatically assumes that our dog is guilty because of her breed. In case you have no idea what Im talking about here, go read the thread I made earlier today labeled “Court”

that’s soooo sad :(:(:(:(:frowning:

Wow! Wut an amazing dog dood.

Pit bulls are lovely, my former landlord had one and it was so friendly. It’s the people who train them to fight who are a problem!:mad