Please help is out with our Comic Project

We are a group of students from Purdue University that was given the task of creating a more user satisfying digital comic book medium. To help us with our project, we need volunteers to take our survey. The only requirement is that you must at least 18 years old to participate and the survey is completely voluntary. No identifiable data other than AGE and GENDER will be recorded so we will not know who you are. If you choose to participate, you will have to view a short 5-10 minute survey which will consist of viewing several comic book mediums and answering questions on a Likert Scale. You can access the survey at:

Thank you so much for your help!

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haha well I dont know where to post it, you can go ahead and post it or email this link to anyone you want.

you could have at least introduced yourself first

:urstupid:[quote=“thedarkmaster, post: 1091013”]haha well I dont know where to post it, you can go ahead and post it or email this link to anyone you want.[/quote]
YOUR SPAMMING AND BY agreeing to join this site and accepting the site rules dude ur breaking them tut tut your spamming and thats what we dont accept on this site

spammers cause disruption and work for the admin/mod team by the way

True but come on if he was going to join the site you do a thread saying hey first not straight in spamming lmao

Do i get paid for doing this survey?

cash sounds fair

Ok I am sorry, but I dont understand how it is spamming if I posted under general discussion where you can talk about anything? Where do you recommend I should post?

yer bet you wont get the money

I would have asked the mods hun and see if it was ok :slight_smile:

Anywhere but here.

hmm well my bad, if you have any ideas on where to post it let me know

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Ok sorry guys

you guys stop it, you can post here and if anyone wants to participate they can if not shut up!

Thank you, I am sorry that I didnt ask you before I posted it. I was just not aware that this is a problem.

alright guys, the survey will be up until Wednesday morning. Thanks to everyone that has participated so far, for those who haven’t you still have 2 days.

we have completed our survey and removed it from the link. Thanks to everyone who helped us out!