Poaching, hunting and activities of man - the effects and the role they play in Climate change


Poaching has been found to be greatly dangerous and has changed the ecosystem in a few cases. For Example, The Yellowstone natural park established in the United Stated in 1872 had a good amount of great wolves, elms, bison and bears. The US government at that time thought that the Great wolves are of no use to the Yellowstone natural park and started allowing poachers to kill the great wolves and started keeping hunting contests to hunt the great wolf in Yellowstone. Soon, there were no more great wolves in Yellowstone. With the great wolves out of the picture, the elm population started growing rapidly. With the growth of elms, over grazing took place and many trees and plants disappeared into the elms. This caused in major land slides. The US then tried to control the elm population and started killing and moving elms in the Yellowstone natural park. But the elm population grew up again and the US government then decided to bring the Great wolf back into the Yellowstone. But Yellowstone isn’t just the same again even after the bringing back of Great Wolf. So do you think poaching and hunting is right? Also explain how poaching, hunting and the activities of man cause climate change.