if you like insightful things that make ya think… check out some poems from “poems about god” by john crowe ransom… im not poet, but for a poetry proj. i did research on him and he is quite good. i wrote my own poem- 2 of them… tell me if ya like them.


Poem in Response to “Worship”

I know a quite sinful man
Who utters complaints when he can.

Now I find Satan when I look
At this man or in his book.

But he says Satan has power over all
He is present at the drinking-hall.

For Satan, he is quick to judge,
And from his ways, he shall not budge.

And when the liquor reaches lips, begin now, Satan’s fellowships.

Cathedrals, Mosques, and Churches too
All give credit where credit is due.

And as for cherished necessity,
Shall all be hung for blasphemy.

He steals from beggars, takes their dimes,
Curses his brother seven times.

I love this fire, as you can tell;
The fire burning strength of hell.

Since evil’s here, I find it odd,
That you are still praising your God.

For evil’s here, here to win,
Now get on the bus, it is time to sin.


The shines, the rays, with no missed beats
Induces any desp’rate man;
It flickers here and flashes there,
It sets as soon as it began,
It’s always on and never off
For them to follow if they can.

Under a bridge a sinner stands,
The light invisible to tell,
For in his eyes are other sights,
And sights plus evil sights shall tell:
He loves the brightness of the street
And walks the shining street to hell.

There’s shines enough, and rays enough,
To lighten all that is kept dark;
I’m sorry rays aren’t shun this deep,
For if you could see but a spark
And see these shining rays of joy
To guide you forth, forth from the dark.


Those are really good! I like a man who isn’t afraid to write!! I write a lot of poetry when I’m pissed or upset. I wrote probably 2 notebooks full when I was in an abusive relationship, just because it helps to get it out sometimes.

I’ll check out the poet as well.


cool. im not really into poetry, it is just easy to me. i wrote the 2nd one in iambic tetrameter with masculine rhymes and mimmicked the style of his poem “streetlight”


Very cool Blue!!! I really like the way you write. :rock

All of my songs start out as very lengthy poety before I condense them down. Here’s one for you. I chose this one because it has the line in my sig, LOL. Now you can hear the rest. http://www.offtopicz.com/forums/smilies_mod/upload/1a1ea7411eba8ab2b584fa7245d58b90.gif

I hit my head when I fell back on reality,
my mug ripped open and my mind spilled around.
Amsesia set in and I forgot about gravity,
the hard stuff helped me keep my feet on the ground.
Your always asking me where’s my rationality,
I lost it long ago back when I drowned.
All there is to know about my anxieties,
don’t cage me up or I might freak out.
My brain is chained to a steak in the back yard,
it’s getting shorter every time I try to think.
Young ideas still hold a place in my heart,
now dead and rotted but they still don’t stink
Why do the pains of humanity eat at me,
they see the same things and never even blink.
Every time I’m about to give up,
the bubble in my chest just won’t let me sink.
Then the day came,
And the pain came.
It’s leading us to blame,
we’ve got to stop this game
It’s putting us to shame,
we’ve got to stop it’s game
It’s driving me insane,
we’ve got to stop this game
It’s leading us to pain,
we’ve got to stop it’s game

Here is the actual song: http://home.ripway.com/2004-5/117157/hit%20my%20head.wma




:laughing You fugger Steed.


There are riches in the hearts of friends,
you cannot find in banks.
There is wealth beyond your wildest dreams,
in one small word of thanks.
There is gold inside the sunset,
as it glimmers in the west.
But all that shit won’t keep your stang,
from being repossed.



poetry isnt gay, i just dont think it is hardcore enough for me. im into hard rock and shit and poetry is a little pussy for me. song writing is badass though.


Well, like I said Blue. All of my songs start out as ideas flowing out onto paper, then turn to poetry, then a song. I’ve always wrote that way.