Poll - yankee or sunny doodles



i was just wondering if there was any overwhelming preference for one over the other…


I have no idea what in the hell your talking about :dunno


Yankee doodle is a kids song but I have no idea what a sunny doodle is and what in the world you are asking is way confusing.


Wow, confused I am






I guess he doesnt know wtf hes talkin about either :dunno


i was talking about the cupcakes, yankee doodles or sunny doodles!

made by drakes…



ring any bells?


I have never heard of Drakes. We have Little Debbies cakes here in Arkansas.


ya we have drakes around here. but we dont get sunny or yankee doodles as far as i know. i loved the yodels when i was younger and ill still have a couple every once in a great while. in PA we have tasty kakes and entemans are the big ones and we have hostess, drakes and little debbie too.


Never heard of them, but the Yankee Doodles look better I guess…


This is making my head hurt


Damn a post about snacks ive never heard of…I am so deprived