Ok, we are going to do something different… I want everyone to read this and vote…

xXxVampireFreakxXx has been giving everyone alot of problems lately. I speak to him pretty often and he is always polite with me and I personally have never had a problem with him. I noticed the bike thread… but I am at a deliema… I have no idea what he said because he deleted it all. SOOO… In what you all saw, do you want him gone, does he need to tone it down? Let me know what you want to do.

Typically I would just ban him… Alot of the mods agree… But I do know this boy is only 14 and can be good.

It is in the members hands… BUT I will say, if something else happens before this poll ends (ends tommorrow night at this time) then he will be banned right away.

xXxVampireFreakxXx, if you want to state your case, then do so. But dont curse anyone out, or else I will ban you.


well… actually I just read another thread that was in the bin that I didnt know about…

Vampire… I am pissed! Why would you act like that? Granted some of our memebers were egging him on… but still. Do you know how to turn away???

Now my hands are pretty much tied… Im gonna give me a few minutes to rationally think this over and I will be back…


I think I went heads up with him today more than anyone and he was awfully rude. If you go to the threads, speciffically the “bike” thread you will see most of the things he said in my quotes and others quotes from before he deleted. I even warned him early on that if he kept it up, he would be running the risk of getting the ban stick. He retaliated with vulgarities and name calling. Personally I think he should get the ban stick and not because I had it out with him but because it seems like every thread he posts in, his replies are “STFU” or “:fu :asshole” or something defensive. I dont think anyone here has had a decent conversation with the kid and I just dont think he fits in. Naturally, he deleted all his posts because he new what was coming to him and was trying to do some coverup before you and Joe seen what was happening. Ultimately, the decision is yours and Joes but you asked for $.02 so I will throw mine in. :smiley:


hrm… I’m gonna stay outta this. I personally have no problem with him other than how he acts. We all know he acts that way for attention.

When you were 14 were you a perfect angel?


Si, where would you have got your kick-ass sig if it wasn’t for him? I think he just needs a warning. We could be like his e-role models that he looks up to for guidance.


:wtf i was gone for a few hours and now nothing makes sense. dangit…what happened?


Re: RE: poll…

Hell, I don’t remember what thread that was even in. I just remember scrolling over that and laughing my ass off for 10 minutes.

The threads have been moved out of the public eye… but basically he started flaming and using vulgar language and then deleted it all even though people had quoted him.


^^^that is what I said when I came home from working and dealing with asshole people all day!! lol…


ok, thanks si


Re: RE: poll…

[quote=2000Si]hrm… I’m gonna stay outta this. I personally have no problem with him other than how he acts. We all know he acts that way for attention.

When you were 14 were you a perfect angel?[/quote]

Youre right James, I did do some stupid things at 14 for attention but what options are there?? :dunno Hes been asked before to be a little less rude and that didnt work so obviously a warning isnt gonna work. I dont necessarilly think banning him will fix it b/c if its not him, someone else will come along. So what is there really to do?? :dunno I know you cant just ban every person who disagrees with you but it was a little more than a simple disagreement this go-round. He basically pulled a GMki;;er on us and started bashing. And what happens when GM starts coming around?? http://www.abestweb.com/smilies/hanging.gif


you do make a point there bossman…

When I was 14 I wasnt allowed to say the word fuck. still to this day, I cant say it around my dad. I just hope he dont treat his mother like that. Im sure he dont. Infact, I know that when I was at school, I was mrs. badass and didnt want to follow the rules… I actually (dont laugh) harassed this one girl and even threatened to kill her… (i know… I was stupid and a little kid) Her mom got the cops called on me and I have ISS for a week or something like that. Anyways, moral is … kids will be kids… He is a good kid to me. Like I said, we have talked several time in the past and present, and he has always been nice to me. He does have a smart mouth, but, that is every little boy. lol. He is our GM right now. I wish I could of read everything, then atleast I would have a better input. From what I read though, its pretty bad… He should know better than saying some of the shit he said. I wouldnt even say some of it to my worse enemy


I dunno, a few posts ive seen him perfectly fine, but on others hes screaming vulgarities at people, and even if tehy are egging him on, he could just laugh it off and turn the other way…


The thing is, we all egg eachother on. Thats just how we do. But he is the only one who seems to react childishly. I for one can handle being picked on. It makes me feel loooved :smiley: I think V is going about it in a good way. Take a poll. If the majority doesnt want him around, then he should get the boot. If the majority decides to keep him, then the rest of us will have to live with it and leave him alone. That sounds fair to me. :dunno


Re: RE: poll…

Hahay ea we do alot of egging… but if we get rid of him, who can we depend on to piss off?




True, true. I will say that the whole time we were flaming back and forth I was 10% steamed and 90% enjoying it. :smiley: :lol


Re: RE: poll…

Psh i was less then 10% steamed and mroe then 90% enjoying it lol :nuts


Me too , I just rounded up. :dunno


Well he is a kid and feels he has to really try hard to go head to head with us. I’ve said some bad things to him, but only in the name of sarcasm, LOL. The truth is, he’s not the problem, I am. I don’t like the fact that I’m here shooting the shizz with little kids around and kids saying they’re gay for attention. I feel really out of place here lately. Then I relized that maybe I’m the one intruding on their space. They are just being kids and I’m being a typical judgmental adult. So I made a decision, I’m not going into any threads that are started by the kids here. Problem solved. They have as much right as I do to be here, so if I don’t like it, them I don’t have to be in the thread.
PS, he’s just a kid Verni, cut him a break.


well V I think you and Joe both know where I stand…when he first got here and people were giving him shit I stood up for him and told people to give him a chance well you know what I got for it…he didn’t even have the balls to log on as himself and say some of the things he had to say he had to be a coward and log on as a guest…u know what I’m talking about…that was his first strike with me…I’ve seen him flame a few peeps on here…ding ding strike 2…now this in my book thats strike 3 he’s out…actually I would of kicked him out after strike 2…thats just me…joking around with people is one thing but he takes things to the extreme…he says things that are just wrong in my opinion…I joke around with everyone and everyone jokes around back I don’t attack people the way he does…granted he is young but at 14 I might not of been an angel but damn I showed respect to people…thats my $.02