Polls are Fun!


dood just vote!

My xbox sucks, need a new one, but i want a ps2. So deal with having my xbox shut off from time to time, or get a ps2 for GT4?


dood I’ve got a PS2 and I gave it up for teh X-iness


Yeah, I’d trade my PS2 for an xbox if someone wanted. It’s only got about 4 hours on it. It’s brand new.


i have a ps2 and an xbox. the ps2 has some good games like grand theft auto, which is exlusive to sony, but xbox is like a computer and has way better graphics and game choice. i love my xbox.


i love playstation… but thats me… :slight_smile:


X-box is much better IMO. I’ve got an X although I never play it. I pretty much just play PC games now. Counterstrike ownes all!!!


CSS is the shit, i want to start up halo2 agian i got real good at it then stopped, and Joe was a reason i plugged it back in. But all this rav about ps2 makes me want one.


XBOX all the way, the hard drive system is awesome, and if you get the Philips drive it is even better. I have the Halo Special Edition XBOX and it roxors!!! They have better graphics and faster load times than PS2. The only downfall is that it takes games from Rockstar (GTA’s) about an extra 9months to come out, and there is no GT3/4 but there is Halo!


The best answer isn’t on the poll. It’s all about the PC gamming boyz and girls! Better graphics, better options, more game play for the $$. Yeah, I know :blah :blah :blah But that’s the way I see it. :fu


i love my ps2 and i have a game cube mario cart owns all


X-BOX IS THE GREATEST!!! playstation is like atari(sp) now days…



i have every counter-strike game cz half life all them source ALL OF EM lol there the bomb


needlers say it all

i got the ps2_two(slim)and it is well, slim, but thats about it