Power Ranger = Murderer?

Former Power Ranger’s Actor Skylar Deleon Sentenced to Death in Yacht Murder of Tom and Jackie Hawks | Scared Monkeys

What the heck?

Apparently it’s old news and he wasn’t technically a ranger, but I never heard about it quite frankly find it revolting!

I was reading that last night, I dont ever remember hearing anything about it until I saw it on yahoo news.

:eek :\ that’s awful

First I’ve heard about it. Craziness.

Yeah they kinda mislead by calling him a Power Ranger, they should just call him a douchepickle.

I looked him up on IMDB. Apparently he was only on three episodes? I think that hardly qualifies as headline worthy

Its their job to report, but its their intention to sensationalize however they can.

WOW THATs sick

I bet he was on that shit version of Power Rangers that no one watched.


Well he was definitely not on the Japanese version :24:

He was on the original I think…

Murder of Thomas and Jackie Hawks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This guy has some serious issues.

While awaiting trial in jail, Deleon was also charged with soliciting[/URL] another inmate to murder his father and cousin. He was also accused of killing John Jarvi, a resident of Anaheim who was found dead in Mexico in 2003. Deleon’s father and cousin (who was charged as an accessory to the Jarvi murder) are considered “important witnesses” in both murder cases. On March 13, 2008, Deleon partially severed his penis with a razor blade while being held in jail. After receiving medical attention, he was returned to jail the following day.[URL=“http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skylar_Deleon#cite_note-15”]

Yeah that story isn’t complete until you have seen the whole stroy about this kid and his problems, wanting to be rich and famous, or at least just rich.

he tied them to the anchor of their yacht and threw them overboard.
dude. what… the… fuck… thats all i can say… what… the… fuck…:ninja

what scum. :mad

and calling him an actor. please. he was on 1 episode of Power rangers and probably had 1 line.


Seriously man that is phyched out! What went through his sick head