President of the Solar Union Candidacy Applications


Read the “Executive Council” and “Senate” pages of this document to get information on the role of President of the Solar Union, or just ask on the thread. :slight_smile:

To clarify, the office of the Presidency belongs to the member-state elected, not an individual. The office is therefore exercised through the government of the member-state holding the presidency, whether that’s a dictatorship or democratic government.


Character Name:
Member-State Name:
Nominations (two required):

Reasons for standing for the Presidency:

Priorities upon taking office:

Character Name: Councillor Alexander Vasiliev.
Member-State Name: Ganymede.
Nominations (two required): Europa, Mercury(?).

Reasons for standing for the Presidency:

  • Ganymede wishes to fully exercise its role in providing resistance against any plans by the largest and most influential planetoids to turn the Solar Union into an extension of the wide apparatus with which they have used in the past to control the solar system.

  • If the first President of the Solar Union stems from beyond the Core Worlds, then it sends a symbolic signal to the smaller, less-influential planetoids of the system that they too can be heard.

  • Maintain the de facto confederal structure of the organisation.

Priorities upon taking office:

  • Upholding the principles of self-determination, and working to ensure that the Solar Union does not overstep its boundaries (read as: maintaining a confederal structure over a federal one).

  • Introduce legislation designed to amend the structure of the Executive, so as to guarantee representation of all planets within the solar system irrespective of the incumbent.

  • In a combined effort, the Solar Union will begin a pooled project to reach Alpha Centauri.

  • Recognising the role that trade can play as a political weapon, especially in the trade of water and food, a Ganymede-led Executive would sponsor and promote legislation designed to remove barriers to the trade of these goods across the union.

[OOC: For planets and moons that benefit from a loosely arranged confederacy, Ganymede would appear attractive.]



“Luna has no interest in pursuing candidacy for the President’s office, we prefer to remain a peaceful trade-nation. Speaking of which, does the federal government perhaps need some… helium?”

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