Pretend for the future


Ok guys and gals … Lets pretend T has gone back to work… and is ready to pick her out another Mustang … I wont some good suggestions … color … year … no question on it has to be a stick … and mods … OK what , were , when , and how :banana :banana :banana :blah :blah :blah :gears and i dont mean this to be a joke :dunno


How about we don’t “pretend”. Why get yourself all hungry for a let down T? Unless you really are ready.


get a job and a car


Greg i like your vote of confidence there Hun …this is to help boost my ego alittle right now cause things arent real good gives me something to look forward to :dunno :dunno


A dark Blue 05 GT with a 2" drop, tinted windows, a bump’n system, dual Flowmasters, 14" Brembo brakes with cross drilled rotors and 19" chrome bullit wheels. :rock…
…oh and “born to be wild” theme music every time you pull into the camera shot.

#6 about a nice little fox in black?


like that one ^^^^^^^^^^ :slight_smile:


hows about a 99 cobra or an 01-04 gt with mods, or a new gt (more power) that looks and sounds good? id say the 99 cobra, black, 20% tint, black chrome saleen 18"s wheels, it already has a good ride height… maybe a bbk or mac cai for the cobra? and definitely do a full exhaust, lt headers, xpipe, and borla or bassani cat back. the cobra needs to breathe to reach the advertised hp-so ive heard.


well personally i think that you should get the cleanest lowest mileage 5.0 under 5000 so you don’t have to make payments (or if you wanna build credit maybe just put down a fat down payment and pay off the rest or something). then when you want to mod, you don’t have to worry about those high ass payments and being upside-down on a car that is going to be outdated pretty soon anyway. at least with a fox you already know it’s outdated, but the aftermarket makes up for it with cheapness


get a classic Mustang…like '65 or '66 fastback and have it fully restored.


tazzy quit with this pretend shit :lol


Why Penis i like some of the idea so far … Boozie had a good one … Atlanta did to … But i think Juggies i like the best so far :banana :banana :banana :banana


I can’t believe that I’m saying this but I agree with Juggy :lol


Well see Greg actually id like to find another 5.0 like my 91 … But around here its kinda hard to do :dunno :dunno


HA! you’re in houston? and a 5.0 is hard to find? -houston -austin -dallas -statewide

classifieds own


[quote=Jugador]HA! you’re in houston? and a 5.0 is hard to find? -houston -austin -dallas -statewide

classifieds own[/quote]
smart ass LOL


'98 LS1 SS with less than 40k miles. Blue with silver manta stripe. TTII wheels, SLP Center mount exhaust, 1 inch drop, and tinted windows. :rock :rock

All that can be yours for about $7K :banana :banana

LOL Hey, look at the name. <-------
You know I’m going to push my goods. :lol :lol


shit man maybe i should get a job…that sounds badass


Juggy Im not in Houston But im close have contacts there ///// inside the 610 loop so what you have seen let me know … Besides Mustang Performance on 45 … I know about that lot from when i lived off 45 and 1960 … They are a rip off sale way high for Fox with high milage :dunno :dunno :dunno :dunno


performance mustangs is a fucking joke! oh my god dude i have heard some hella horror stories. ever heard of a car being made of two halves welded together?

and see it would be different if they were an affordable chop shop, but they overcharge like a mother