Preventative Action


I was just reading Watchmen, and (from the ending, although I won’t spoil it) it got me thinking about the concept of preventative action (to do something to prevent a larger incident).

An example of preventative action on a small scale would be something like assaulting someone who has been following you for 20 minutes, and on a large scale would be something like the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

What is your opinion on this matter?


It’s okay, so long as you know for sure that it will help


They could have bombed along the outskirts of those cities, shaking the population out of war. I think preventative action needs to be carefully considered and executed to precision.


Whats your opinion on counter-terrorism on cells which have not directly committed crimes yet?


If they are associated with a terrorist organization they’ve inherited the crimes committed by the organization. Parties have lines and anyone under the party has explicitly announced that they will uphold those lines. If you tell a policeman you are about to shoot up a park, you get detained, even if you haven’t done anything yet. I’m not so keen on counter-terrorist measures being carried out by unaccountable foreign forces, however.


Interesting concept, but doesn’t that violate freedom of thought?


Whatever’s going on in their conscious hardly matters against the actions they’ve actually taken. I guess if these folks were actually getting charged in a court their specific actions should be more individualized, but we’re talking about warfare here.


That’s fair I guess, although I’m still not a fan of people that are simply being affiliated with terrorist groups getting arrested outright (surveyed, sure, but arrested seems too authoritarian imo).


Pssh. Not a thing.

In my opinion, I think that once you associate with something like a terrorist group you take it all. Being a religious fanaticist is one thing, but going and meeting with al-quaeda members? Thats something else. It’s like you can be a communist and not support Stalin you know? I agree with you on surveying if their just radical in ideology, because often times people spew radical thoughts but rarely go into action with them. But once they hide/marry/ associating with terrorist groups, that’s when the games up.


Preventative action should only be taken if it is to prevent a major crime, and has strong probably cause.