Private Suffering

[FONT=“Century Gothic”][COLOR=“Red”][CENTER]Pain bleeds daily through my life
Every day a challenge to survive

Insulted and hated by others
who cant begin to know my pain

my only motivation in life
Hating me for giving her life

and Im the one who is wrong?
Im the one who should not feel?

Accused by others, who can not see
How much I suffer, How much I need

Alone in my fight
Support unknown
Dying slowly inside
outcome a given

Nothing I do, try or see
can change the pain
that is forced upon me

Needing a friend
shoulder or ear
faulted for my weakness
Insulted for my fears

SilentEyz (:heart:)

biggest hug i can manage on my bandwith

silent …

you write such wonderful poetry…


but i wish i could help… even if only to be an ear…

Oh my God…you did it again…looked into my soul and mind and put the pain into words.

Someday, there’ll be brightness, clarity…there has to…

You are not in any way shape or form weak hun. Our fears make us human sad to say… And you know more than anything i hope that i am always here for you. I cant begin to understand how much it hurts…but I am here for you…always. You are the best mother…the best friend…the best person. You are you and that is the greatest thing in the world.

You are NEVER alone hun…not even a single second of your day…you are always in my thoughts and prayers. I wish i was there right now to hug you tight.

Your writing is so strong…so sadly beautiful

Awesome , such deep emotion . Every word tugs at my soul , as my eyes fill with tears[ mrs bob ]

silent your words although very sad are outstanding. if you wish to speak im an ear thatll always be open to you, your good ppl:)