Problem with some games


ok well the thing with the person with the lowest score getting the trophy on some games. when the scores were reset some players were made the top ner with out having the trophy andh out playing them. its hard to explain so ill try my best.


since no one can beat zero as being the lowest score that person that has zero will have the top spot even with out playing. and not having a trophy. on those games no trophys are given.

these are the games that i noticed at reverse scoring

1.moon lander
2.sloyde 3 cell
4.midi golf
5.minesweeper put 3
7.ball, metaphysiks
8.full time killer
9.stoke park golf
10. makai grand prix golf
12.memory blast
14.bulls eye

so what im saying is trophys can not be won for these games.


in those games, the low score should be the trophy winner. ill inform joe about this. it has happened before when setting the games up. the most obvious type game for reverse scoring is golf. ill see what i can do.


yeah, tell joe about it, not me. :slight_smile:


see if they work now.