Progressive Commercials

They started getting on my nerves- especially the New Year’s one where Flo is playing the kazoo, but the new one with the “Dave Aisle” cracks me up!

Flo rocks!

There’s no discount for agreeing with me.

“Tricked out nametag” I thought was a great line!:24:


Can you tell me what I’m thinking about right now?


i hate the new geico commercials… do people seriously think that a stack of bills with googley eyes is… funny? i actually heard someone laugh at one last week…

I don’t get those at all! I like the gecko ones- where he buys a snack with the guys first dollar bill- lmao

the english adverts get annoying :stuck_out_tongue: and boreing

“It’s Geico, not Gecko!” I used to like that gecko until they started making radio adverts where he’s not even funny anymore… like the opposite of funny, like totally serious to the point that i wanna change the radio channel

fuzz thinks flo is hot

i think flo is annoying… god i think i would :willy_nilly: if i were married to that character…

I think Flo is the shit.