I dont have a lot of money so what should i do? where do i take her?What do we do afterwards? Things like this. Help please.

One word: Vegas.

lol. Not like that. I live in a kinda small town with not to much to do. I really like the girl im going with but we arent going out yet. and me might not. but we are really good friends. I just need some ideas of some fun things to do with not a lot of money. and also should i ask her out at prom? i’m just kinda lost on everything. in the past 2 months i got dumped from a 3 year relationship and am scared to date again. any ideas on that also?

Normally we have a pretty good bead on if the other person has feelings for us, even though we pretend not to.

I would say definately ask her out to prom. Play it cool, and be honest with her. Say something like Hey, you’re the best chick in the school. Wanna go to the prom with me?

Most chicks aren’t as into the money thing as we think they are. The girls that are into the green you don’t want anyway, so don’t sweat it. Prom will go pretty late, so you don’t have to have something spactacular planned. Odds are, there will be some sort of after prom party at somebody’s house anyway. If she doesn’t want to go, just go hang out someplace. Walk, talk, make out, do whatever. Besides, I’m sure she has to be back home sometime, and what’s going to be open anyway?

Word of advice… If her dad says home by x time, you make sure her cute little butt is back through that front door 10 minutes before x. Even if she’s bitching at you that she doesn’t care about her curfue, I’d take the opportunity to come totally clean and tell her you really dig her, and plan on asking her out again, and need to stay on dad’s good side. :cool

I only know what to do afterwards. Have pre-marital sex. shrugz

:withstupid: hes a jerk! lol…but he is right:) just let things roll, and yes ask her out at prom so you knoww wher you all satnd, if it doesnt work then move on your only 16, plenty of more time to grow up there bro.

guys he is only 16 damn may date took me to Denny’s i dont reckmend that i was pissed but if you dont have to much money i would do it lol lets just say he did not get any! lol

lol. alright. thanks for your advice. nice boomer. rep for that.

ask her to the prom. worst thing she can say is no. as far as taking her somewhere, how about taking her to Putt-Putt?

no way do not do that!!!

not planing on it. She is going to prom with me now. now i need to find something to do.