Propaganda images thread


  1. His last name is Montgomery, i.e. the coolest name ever
  2. Named his dogs Hitler and Rommel
  3. Scared the Germans out of their trenches with a bayonet, and was subsequently shot in the lung and knee, in WW1
  4. When he was brigade major in Ireland, he said they should be self-governing purely because acting like the Germans or Cromwell wasn’t palatable to the public
  5. His tactics helped the 3rd division of the BEF back to England from Dunkirk, largely unscathed.
  6. Won the Africa campaign
  7. Most of the Allied command, as well as the British command, really didn’t like him. Eisenhower didn’t sack him solely because he was too popular within the UK.
  8. Uber important in Operation Overlord, can probably be credited for the Americans breaking into Brittany
  9. Ordered the envelopment of Falaise, which turned out to be a horrific killing spree against the Germans. The Germans ended up killing each other in an attempt to escape the Allied encirclement through the Falaise Gap.
  10. Montgomery was very angry when Eisenhower took command of the Anglo-Canadian troops too, he thought he was better than all the American generals and couldn’t understand why he was pushed aside. Churchill made him Field Marshall to compensate.
  11. His ego was absolutely huge
  12. An American general made a joke that he’d give Montgomery a B-17 if he could take Sfax in Tunisia by April 1943. Montgomery did, and the American had forgotten the joke. Montgomery demanded his payment, and after the general tried to laugh it off, the issue went has high as Eisenhower. Montgomery got his B-17.
  13. Didn’t think Africans were capable of forming their own countries
  14. Told an Israeli general to tell the Americans that he thought they were insane during the Vietnam war
  15. A few before the 6 days war, he told an Egyptian army office that they would loose any war against Israel.


one of these things is not like the others


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Danish Soldiers returning to Coppenhagen following the First Schleswig-Holstein War.


trippy stuff inside this box

The Last Battalion

This is actually an anti-nazi image. The artist is… sometimes good. Often degenerate, though.



despite being a tranny jew faggot I don’t think I’ll ever get over my Axis fetish. The truth is, seeing a proud nation brings tears to my eyes, even if they are gassing me. I still respect proud nations. It’s not like I probably wouldn’t also be brutal to my enemies - I mean we were told to kill everything that breathes in Israel so the land could be ours, in the Torah. War is war.



if YD had a hall of fame, this innocent comment just before YD’s end days would easily spring into the top spot


I was going to post that picture on the Danish soldiers, shame I don’t find myself first. Truly beautiful tho.



liked for Nazbird




> when the Nazi sympathizer would be gassed before me.



To be fair, Fascism was partly founded by a Jew, inspired by the philosophy of another Jew and a Philo-Semite who said something along the lines that “Anti-Semites should be shot.”


Didn’t know that, very interesting. Thank you.

Of course, this doesn’t really cross over to National socialism, though to be fair to the original Nazis, I think it was mostly Himmler and Heydrich that developed the whole final solution thing, and I don’t think that was the plan from the beginning.


- Hitler in 1922 to Josef Hell

It’s pretty clear to just about anyone that the Nazi solution to the “Jewish Question” was not going to be pretty.


Didn’t know he said that.

Okay I guess Nazism was evil from the beginning.


I already debunked this in the Hitler debate thread, it’s complete BS and I’m not even a holocaust denier. @Kyoko


Oh, is it a fake quote?


Yeah. I wrote up the reasons why in the Hitler debate thread.