Propaganda images thread



What is the context?


Sinking of the AHS Centaur


In response to A H S Centaur sunk by the Japanese in 1943. It was a hospital ship and sank in 'bout 3 minutes.


Never mind, I have now seen Chucklenuts’ response. Sorry


Ethiopia is apparently not a thing.


Fucking wow


3 generations of BUF



“Ending slavery.” You sure about that bud.


From Kaiserreich, which is an alternate history where Germany won WW1

Soviet troops marching through siberia. In KR, German intervention in the Russian Civil War after WW1 allowed the whites to win (Hitler was actually killed there in KRTL). However, several soviet militias still remain, scattered throughout Russia

In Kaiserreich Britian, France, and southern Italy are all Anarcho-Syndicalist. Italy has the option to create a Catholic form of Anarcho-Syndicalism

While I’m usually a Poland-Lithuania/Germany player myself, I do have to admit that the syndicalist propaganda is probably the best

In Kaiserreich, Oswald Mosley is basically the British version of Stalin. Actual Stalin is just chillin’ in Georgia, Trotsky is nowhere to be found, and Lenin is dead


Not actually an image but it is a comment on British propaganda. Lady Britian is often portrayed as an Athens-esque figure. Isn’t it ironic then that the goddess of order and wisdom is the propaganda symbol of the empire whose short-sighted greed fucked up half the world and plunged billions of lives and dozens of nations into chaos?



Nope, Japan was completely fucked the moment they went after the US. They wanted to knock the US about of the war before they entered, but when it backfired they knew they couldn’t win against them. The US would always beat the Japanese in a war of attrition, even with their resources split between Europe and the Pacific. A good navy is worthless when you don’t have enough fuel for it