i was thinking, and i thought that because of the amazing talent cough not me cough cough in this forum, the entire world would love these writings put into a collection, like a book maybe.

i dont know when, where, or how, but i want to make it happen. with your permission, id like to copy some of your creations for the book. if you like, give links to your personal favorites on a PM or a regular post.

dont worry, ill give you all full credit. :smiley:

get back to me…id love to see it come together…:slight_smile:

Maybe a disclaimer or a contract where peoples poems in it give them money on profits as a % unless they wave that? Better still they all agree the money goes to a good charity?:slight_smile:

Hey. I’m pretty sure Alex’s “Alex Kenenshi:Ninja Warrior” would be great in there. I’ll ask him and tell you what he says.

hmm good idea in a way maybe…but as for me…im thinking about maybe trying to publish my poems someday…so I’ll have to pass on this :wink:

i actually getting a book togater of my own stuff:) but thanks anyways!!!