Purpose of Life


What do you believe life is for? Do you believe we have a specific purpose? Do you believe life has some sort of meaning?

I would be inclined to say that religious people are more likely to believe that life has some sort of meaning and purpose, whereas atheists don’t believe in some predetermined purpose but set their own purposes - I could be wrong.

A Christian might believe in having a good life, sticking to God’s teachings and to fulfil our heavenly desires.

What are your thoughts?


No, I think that life is just a thing which happens due to chemical processes and it’s end is equally the result of meaningless processes outside it’s control. The only meaning and values can take place in the different perspectives of individuals.


I use to believe that life has a purpose, it’s up to us to fulfill that purpose, and that everything happens for a reason. However, as time goes on, and this has to do with shitty experiences in the past, that its all just bullshit. The idea of just living, existing, sucks but that’s the way it is.


On the bright side, a lack of objective purpose means we can make the subjective purpose we want and pursue it as strongly as we would an objective one. A blank slate means we can fill it up however we want. It’s both melancholic and optimistic. Plus there’s always lying whenever we get too tired of the game and want to convince ourselves there’s an objectivity.


I believe that the purpose of life is to live as God created us to, living with one another rather than shooting each other, caring for the earth rather than destroying it. To love each other as God first loved us. To live unselfishly, putting the needs of others ahead of our own.


Maximize utility.


Amen brother.


Our only purpose is to die and have our matter eventually become crabs. All evolution leads to crabs. There will only be crabs.

God is real. God is a crab.


The purpose of life ,insofar as my finite human consciousness can grasp such a concept, is to advance human happiness and reduce human suffering as much as possible by challenging things such as militarism,legalism,economism,discrimination of historically marginalized groups, orthodox religions,dehumanizing materialism etc.


explore your ability




I don’t pretend to know what the meaning and purpose of life is. I just try to live life one day at a time, help others when I can, and contribute to society.


I use to trust that life has a design, it’s dependent upon us to satisfy that reason and that everything occurs for a reason, be that as it may, over the long haul and this needs to do with crappy encounters before…