lmao… I had a good time at work tonight even though I only had 7 runs. :tard

Around 8:30 a phone call comes in and my manager answers the phone. After just a few seconds he hangs up and has a weird grin on his face.

He walks up to me and was like… I dunno what the fuck that was, some girl just said “did you hear that the Burger King got the Dairy Queen pregnant?” and hangs up.


So I walk over to the computer and since we have caller ID I notice the name and number. Coincidently enough when I looked at it it said “kelly G…” (with her full last name).

Why is this a coincidence you may ask? Because my boss’s name at Arby’s was Kelly G. lol

So I get my phone out of my pocket and dial the number. After a few rings a girl picks up and I ask if Kelly is in. “No she’s not in, I think you may have the wrong number.” BAAAD liar! lol

So I say Yes, I think she is in, I know who this is. This is Kelly that lives off of Tweedwood in the Tanglewood addition off of Summit street. She drives a green ford Taurus and owns her own business.

… long pause from the other side of the phone…

Finally the girl asks in a freaked out voice; “how… did you know that?” So I say, well because I used to work with Kelly at Arby’s about 4 years ago.

LOL :owned

A little before this I was standing out back having a cigarette when a bunch of teenage girls start screaming at me from the BP gas station across the street. Turns out, that was them with Kelly’s daughter. Walking back to her friends house they decided to prank us. bahwahahahaa

So she comes back over after I tell her who I am and we talked for a little bit. It’d been 5 years since I’d seen her and she remembered me.

Good times. :smiley:

oh and no, don’t bother making any sexual oriented comments…

… Bacon.


did you hit that?


what… :dunno


You should have told her a few better pranks to make in the future, LMAO!!!



Is you refrigerator running? LOL