Quarter-mile times


My husband found this site that showed quarter mile times for every car ever made. I was really shocked at what I found. His '02 Stang will do 14.1…ok kewl! Then we looked at his friends '96 Stang…15.1. Then looking at my v6 Maxima it said it did 15.5. So in reality I’d kick his '96 butt in a race with my Auto…because I know he’d miss a shift…LoL!!



Ummmmmmmmm whats the site :dunno




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0-60 in 8.6 and 16.5 1/4 !!
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maybe that will improve a little after gears and exhaust and stuff ?


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doesnt have my car…

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99 Si, 15.7 seconds. Yeah that’s an EXACT copy of this list:


Which is an exact copy of www.car-stats.com.

They’re all the same, and for the most part they’re accurate.

Although I know a 99-00 Si could do the quarter in 15.2-15.5 with a decent set of stock tires.


0-60: 5.2 Transmission: Manual
1/4 Mile: 13.5
1/4 Speed: 107

For the '02 SS. That is pretty accurate. Thanks for sharing. :rock