Question about humor

I appologize that a question about humor may be out of place here in the humor forum, but it seems as though people who frequent this particular forum would probably know a thing or two about humor. I have a bit of a dilemma regarding some humorous actions I wish to take.

I work at a McDonalds in my town and we have a washing machine to wash the towels in. We put in a load at closing time and the people who open pull them out again. I had a wonderful idea which was to get some fat tightie whities and slip them in there with the towels at close as a present for the opening manager.

My question is: how many pairs of undies should i put in? I have brainstormed three options which I’m trying to decide between.

1: Only put one pair of undies in with the towels.

2: Put three or four pairs in.

3: Completely fill the laundry machine entirely with tightie whities and leave the towels completely out.

These options should be judged mainly on the amount of overall humor they would cause. If it was completely filled with undies, it would get an incredible number of absurdity points. But because no towels would be washed, it would be an incredible setback for the openers which would cause resentment rather than humor.

If I put three or four pairs in, the fun of finding a pair of undies in with the towels would be repeated multiple times. My concern with this option is that the amount of shock that would accompany the discovery of a pair of undergarments would decrease with each pair found. Another problem would be that once all the undies were found, they would probably continue to look for more and be dissapointed after a long, fruitless (fruitless as in fruitoftheloomless) search.

This leaves me with option one, which is to add only one pair of undies to the towel laundry. I personally think it would achieve more absurdity points to option two because after all, if someone were to wash undies in with the towels, surely they would wash more than one pair. Another thought though is that of course, more undies equals more funny.

If anyone can help me by offering fresh, clean oppinions it would be greatly appreciated.


Because everybody is so damned politically correct now a days all it would take is for one bastard to be upset by it and you’ll be kickin’ cow turds down main Street. If I were you and wanted to keep my job I wouldn’t do it. If you want to quit and go out in " a blaze of glory " to hell with the washing machine. Just drop 'em on the bosses office floor. :24:

Someone has time on their hands apparently. Unless you are actually there when the discovery was made… and could see the response… why bother? Hearing about it afterwards might not be as fulfilling as actually seeing the event unfold.

But yeah… If the manager got wind of it… It would be quite easy to figure out the shift it happened on. Is your whole shift willing to lose their jobs by remaining mum if asked … “who did this?”… Cause there are a lot of people out of work who would be more than willing to take your places. Just sayin’…

Sheesh… I sound like a friggin’ party pooper, eh? But really… you need to give your harmless prank some thought. Oh… and let us know what you do and what happens.


i’d put in two pairs…i think if you know the people you are working with and pranks are the common place then a pack of new undies would be taken with the humour it deserves.:24::thumbup…i’d do it. Live life and enjoy!

thats the key to it right there