Question regarding renting

Ok so I finally got the check for my security deposit from Golfview. It’s the 28th and we’ve been vacated since March 31st around 2 pm.

On march 1st, I walked in to put in our 30 day notice. Since there was 31 days in march, i figured the first would give them their 30 day notice. It says “at least” 30 days, so I got there within the at least.

Now, when I opened my check I noticed it was for $139.00. My security deposit was 199, of which I paid 119 and Matt paid 80 of. They had notes stating that the notice to vacate was given on the fourth, and thus we were charged 60 dollars.

This is the terms and conditions of the Notice to vacate on my written and signed lease I am still in posession of.

6. Notice to vacate: Upon expiration of lease, or during month to month tenancy, any notice to vacate must be given at least 30 days in duration and end on the last day of the month. If a resident occupies an apartment for a portion of the month, they are responsible for the entire months rent. All vacancy notices must be in writing. Golfview’s written move out form should be used. A notice to vacate from any resident or occupant will be deemed to have been given by all residents or occupants. All apartment keys must be immediately returned to the leasing office upon move out.

I think I have every right to contest the 60 dollar charge because I gave notice to vacate on the FIRST, which is 30 days prior to my last date as a tenant. However, because matt was in North Dakota and working he couldn’t call in until Monday to agree and correspond my necessity to move out. However, he was already completely moved out by this time.

Now if you turn your attention to what I have underlined. My take on how that is worded is this; once I gave them our notice to vacate, that means it is their understanding that both tenants (matt and I) agree to this notice to vacate, and thus, my written notice is sufficient to pass the 30 day notice required.

This means that the 60 dollar fee they took is far beyond ridiculous.

Opinions, otherwise I’m going to show up there on Monday to contest it.

deem[/URL] (dēm) [URL=“”]Pronunciation Key
v. deemed, deem·ing, deems

v. tr.
[]To have as an opinion; judge: deemed it was time for a change.
]To regard as; consider: deemed the results unsatisfactory.[/LIST]To be deemed as; to have that regard, that consideration. The way this lease is written, I think I could very well get a check for 60 bucks on Monday.

yeah contest it TOJ there trying to pull one over on you! fk’n filthy bastards

James, You can get that money back depending on how far you want to push it. If the person you are dealing with is a real asshole they wont want to give it back cause they know its only $60 and thats not worth going to court over. But from what I get from you you are a very principled guy and its more about the principle than the money.

call a lawyer for free legal advice…information is always free with them

You have every right to your $60. The landlord is trying to get whatever money he can it looks like, in smaller increments, (because he thinks tenants won’t think it’s worth the hassle). We have an Action Line person connected to the Bay Area newspaper who deals with these types of problems all the time.

Is there that type of person in your area? The businesses or people usually don’t like seeing themselves in print in the newspaper or have “outsiders” calling them on shady dealings they’re involved with, so they hand over the money right away because they don’t want to be exposed as the rip-off artists they are.