I was watching my soaps, (yes I said soaps) and I saw on there where the chicks when to a club and was giving these stickers to lick… what exactly is it??? Some sort of drug or something?? date rape?? just curious… ive never seen anything like it.


LSD…Acid…bad shit :tard


Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds


ohh… I didnt know it came on a sticker… thats wierd…

thanks guys.


They used to put it on Mickey Mouse stickers and sell it to little school children :dunno


No LSD these days. It’s “E” …ecstasy. :tard


I saw that one the Soap too cant remember which one >>>> But did you see Dr Phill and the Boy how touched his 4 year old sister ??? UGH


OK, now that’s just nasty. :barf


i think they are just cherry flavored stickers


It was a 2 part story … Dr Phill even poligarphed him to see if he was lieing … The boy was 18 years old and admited touching his 4 year old sister … This one needs serious help


T I need help too will you help me :hump :cool


Red what kinda help you need Nurse will be home soon shes just gone for the week end :lol :lol


How do you have time with all the time you spend on the forums???


She multitasks? :dunno


How do you have time with all the time you spend on the forums???[/quote]

i think i can do more then one thing at a time :fu


LOL… :funnah

T, I dont watch drphill… The only thing I watch during the day is days of our lives and passions. :slight_smile:


It was a good SHow Veronica Its just sad these kids are getting this way ??? he admited to touching his sister and forcing girls to have sex with him ??? How i dont know he wasnt even a nice looking boy :dunno :dunno


:barf If anyone ever even THOUGHT about my kids like that, I would hang them from thier private places and torture them till they PRAYED for death to come!


Worst part about this story was the 4 year old was his on sister …Thats the part thats sad he couldnt just force the old girls but had to mess with his on sister as well …


:agreed bossman!!!

I would kill the person that ever touches my kids like that.