Questions for Webmasters... MD? Anyone?


I have built a site for my friend using Frontpage. It’s about 6 pages in length… looks pretty good. My questions are these:
I am thinking of using for the hosting and to get the domain name. Any better options?
The page with have 4-5 of our MP3s available to stream or just DL. I have heard bravenet has trouble getting them to play after uploading the page. Anywhere I could host them for free and make hyperlinks to the page? Is any count??
Also we want a private page that is a forum where only members with a PW can view it… much less post. We don’t want guests to even be able to see it. Will this be simple to do? I’m not real fluent with the final process of making a webpage… this is technically my first. Any help would be appreciated.


I use Verio for domain names and Vexial for hosting. As far as the forums are concerned phpbb is free (what I use) and in the control panel its as simple as setting permissions for what areas people can see or post in. Whatever you decide, remember hosting is the most important. Not only do you have to worry about how much bandwidth you use ( sucks a big one btw) but also what software your server allows you to use and the permissions you’ll have on that server.


So you recommend the Vexial? If you get a chance look at that and let me know what you think. I think the plan I want on there is $60 a year or so. What about the hosting of MP3s? Ever had a problem hosting vids or songs after PC upload to personal page?
What is the website for the vexial and for the forum maker?
Thanks for the input



I have a small web design comany. I use they are one of the biggest/cheapest I have had no problems. All but 2 of the sites i’ve done are hosted there… the others are so big they need dedicated servers.