Queue-jumping death pair jailed

Queue-jumping death pair jailed

[B]A man and a woman have been jailed over the death of an innocent shopper in a queue-jumping row in south London.[/B]  	  	

Antonette Richardson was jailed for 18 months and ex-boyfriend Tony Virasami received four years for manslaughter.
Southwark Crown Court heard she called him to a Sainsbury’s store in Merton where he hit Kevin Tripp, a bystander who had nothing to do with the dispute.
Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC said the sentences reflected the “shock and concern felt by the public at large”.
Outside court Mr Tripp’s partner Josie James said: “It’s not long enough. They took Kevin’s life.”
Father-of-one Mr Tripp, 57, from Colliers Wood, south-west London, died when the “almighty blow” caused him to fall and fracture his skull, causing bleeding on the brain.
Virasami pleaded guilty to manslaughter but Richardson had denied the charge. Both are from Sedgehill Road, Catford, south-east London.
http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/shared/img/o.gif http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/nol/shared/img/v3/start_quote_rb.gif It was unquestionably a very hard slap, delivered with a full swing and considerable force by an obviously physically fit and strong man http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/nol/shared/img/v3/end_quote_rb.gif

		                 			                      			                     	Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC

		                 			             			         				 				 			     			 	      	The time the pair have spent in remand will be deducted from their sentences. 
  	As they have been in custody since June last year, it was unclear whether Richardson has any of her sentence left to serve. 
  	The Sentencing Guidelines Council recommends that first-time offenders who receive sentences of between one and four years are released under supervision after serving half of their sentence, unless they are considered "dangerous". 
  	Southwark Crown Court was unable to confirm when Richardson was due for release. 
  	Sentencing Virasami, Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC said he had taken such a "powerful swing" at Mr Tripp's head that he "struck the floor with a noise that could be heard some distance away". 
  	"As a slap, it was unquestionably a very hard slap, delivered with a full swing and considerable force by an obviously physically fit and strong man." 
  	  	[B]'Revulsion and concern'[/B]  	
  	To Richardson the judge said: "You started this whole episode with your call to Mr Virasami. 
  	"I am satisfied that you were quite prepared for the fact that some violence was to be done, and you actively encouraged it." 
  	Judge Rivlin added: "It is, I believe, right, despite your [Virasami's] plea of guilty and your remorse, to reflect the revulsion and concern felt by Mr Tripp's nearest and dearest, who are condemned to suffer for this long after this case is over, and also to reflect the shock and concern felt by the public at large." 
		 			 				http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/44744000/jpg/_44744104_kevintripp_bbc203.jpg 				Kevin Tripp suffered brain injury when he was knocked down
		 		 		 	  	    	The jury heard Richardson had been accused of pushing in front of shopper Adam Prendergast, as she went to buy a packet of cigarettes. 
  	She phoned Virasami, who was waiting in a car nearby, and when he came into the store she pointed out Mr Prendergast. 
  	However, Virasami mistook Mr Tripp for the man and hit him. The CCTV footage of the unprovoked attack was shown in court. 
  	Richardson had "egged on" Virasmi to take revenge and after Mr Tripp was hit, witnesses heard her telling Virasami, "We need to find the right guy." 
  	At the time of the attack Virasami was on bail, tagged and under curfew for shoplifting, while Richardson had previous convictions for deception and handling stolen goods, the court heard. 
  	Outside court Ms James said: "The judge was pretty fair, but his hands were tied." 
  	She added: "I resigned myself to the fact they were going to get less but, in my heart of hearts, I wanted them to get life." 
  	Gillian Tripp, one of Mr Tripp's sisters, said: "We are really disappointed with the result, really disappointed."

Shocking to say the least.

Slap of death?!?! o_o?

Sorry if this is in bad taste, but only in the UK! Who else gets more outraged about jumping the queue than anything else? :D:surrender:ninja

Ok they’re petty criminals… Life for something that was clearly an accident? How did he know the man would die?

Um, where does it say someone got life? The first line of the article says one got 18 months and the other got four years. And since it was an accident, he was charged with manslaughter.

…so is queue-jumping like parkour-ing or just cutting ahead of someone in the queue line?

It’s cutting ahead in the line and is wose than pissing on your dead grandma. :smiley: Lets put it this way, it was actually queueing that got us throung the blitz. The Germans bombed the shit out of us but we would still form an orderly queue to get a slice of bread while that was going on. Carry on regardless ect, panicking and running around like a looney only kills more people and more importantly is very undignified. :smiley:

i liked the propaganda programs you guys put out in wwii… “the gerries will never be able to invade the UK because of their strong and unbreakable queueing.”:cool

Britain was built on queueing, sarcasm and cups of tea! As silly as it sounds, the hun never understood this and thats why they lost the war!:smiley: