Quick Mustang question


How difficult would it be to wire up a small block (not sure what yet) in a Fox that has a 4 cylender? I want to build one now that I have the funds. I am thinking of a LX notch with a FI turbo small block.
I just want to know if it would be hella difficult or not worth messing with to do a V8 swap with a 4 cyl car. I found a 4cyl LX for kinda cheap and its pretty clean. Sorry if this doesn’t make much sence, I’ve had about 8 hours of sleep since sunday. Damn work is killin me.

Oh yeah, if you know where a LX 5.0 5 speed notch back Fox is that is decent priced let me know.

I am not even gonna bother looking on MF. If I wanted BS answers I would have posted this on a Maveric/Pinto website.


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Its cool, I got a responce over at MM.com :smiley:


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you’ll need a computer and engine harness of the same year as the donor car. from there, the only issue i remember is some have a fuel pump relay that needs to be rewired or something. look on stangnet and google and you’ll find what you need.


Cool, thanks Jug. You still have the turbo 4 cylender? Where the hell have you been anyway???