Quit trying to catch me ridin' dirty coppers!

A fucking Police SUV just followed me all the way home from work. He pulled out behind me about 1/3 a mile from work. Followed me 6 miles home and when I pulled into my garage he stopped at my drive way and then drove off. WTF!


Done anything illegal lately? :smiley:

I never do anything illegal. That’s why it was so puzzling. :thumbdown

I notice AnitaBeer has no alibi for her movements at this particular time

maybe they were looking for someone that matched your discription…

stolen car?

Maybe they were bored and hoping you’d do something wrong.

Are you a shady looking character? Maybe you should PM me a pic of yourself so I can decide for myself. Just sayin’… :cool


I was in my bed asleep.

I was in my bed asleep.[/quote]
Can anyone varafy that?

Oh yes…you forget I’m a mommy. :nod:

I didn’t know that but okay.

Then you don’t pay attention to posts. OR even my avy.

I thought those two were your little brothers!

do anything suspicious?

maybe they thought you were cute and wanted your number:24:

As a teenager, I was “profiled” by the police before the term existed.

I one had a cop pull me over because he liked my car and wanted to look at it.

I had a State Patrol officer ride in my blind spot on the freeway for miles until I finally got tired of it and took and exit. He followed me and came up to ask if I had any weapons in the vehicle. WTF - I didn’t know you couldn’t transport rocket launchers across state lines. :mad

I had a cop ask me when the last time I’ve been arrested was. He got rather upset when I told him “never.”

Sometimes cops can be arrogant. Most times they have a valid reason for the things they do. I have found the best way to deal wih them in a situation where you are uncertain as to why thy might be interested in you specifically, is to just ask them what’s up. Most of the cops I’ve met over the years are human like the rest of us.

Yeah, my car is stolen. Thanks for clearing everything up. :fing27

I don’t really get it, unless a similar car to mine was involved in a crime or something.