Quote of the Day


“It’s a joke. It’s all a fucking joke.” - The Comedian from the “Watchmen”

One of my favorite lines, if not my favorite, of all time.


“I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.” - Woody Allen

“It’s not true that I had nothing on. I had the radio on.” - Marilyn Monroe

“Physics is like sex: sure, it may give some practical results, but that’s not why we do it.” - Richard Feynman

“A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man.” - Lana Turner


“What did I do to you?”
“Nations whose nationalism is destroyed are subject to ruin.”

-Muammar al-Ghadaffi


“A foreign force occupies an Arab country and hangs it’s leader, while we are looking and laughing… In the future it is going to be your turn too.” - Muammar al-Ghadaffi speaking at the Arab League Summit. While speaking he was often met with laughter and snickers. One of those that can be seen laughing is Bashar al-Assad.


‘Religion is belief in someone else’s experience. Spirituality is having your own experience’ :heart_eyes:


“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” - Thomas Edison (actually what’s getting me through school with decent grades)


“Do I trust Humanity to save itself? The truth is, I don’t know. With all the fighting, all of the chaos I’ve seen? I only know what I want to believe: that somehow, human decency will triumph.”


“My shit is deep, deeper than my grave, G
I’m ready to die and nobody can save me
Fuck the world, fuck my moms and my girl
My life is played out like a Jheri curl, I’m ready to die!”

-Biggie Smalls


I’m on the corner, waiting for a light to come on
That’s when I know that you’re alone
It’s cold in the desert, water never sees the ground
Special unspoken without sound

You told me you loved me, that I’d never die alone
Hand over your heart, let’s go home
Everyone noticed, everyone has seen the signs
I’ve always been known to cross lines

I’ve never ever cried when I was feeling down
I’ve always been scared of the sound
Jesus don’t love me, no one ever carried my load
I’m too young to feel this old

Is it you, is it me
Or does nobody know, nobody see
Nobody but me.

Kings Of Leon - Cold in the Desert


If we are quoting songs now. :slight_smile: This would be one of my favorites.

I always heard the second line of the second stanza as “blood” instead of “more”. Stanza 5 below was always my favorite. It sums up my view of the state of the world at the moment. Best bands combined, Disturbed and lead singer of System Of A Down, Serj Tankian. ( and Geezer Butler on Bass)

"Don’t give me your line
Won’t let it go this time
And make a mockery of this obscenity
It’s gotten out of control
Some poor unfortunate soul
Will pay the price again, to feed your vanity

The fascist face of the day
Contributes more to the fray
And wreaks his devastation on humanity
He hears his own people cry
As countless innocents die
He stands defiant in his own insanity.

Another child denied
Their human right to a life
Free from the shackles that assure their slavery
The monster in human skin
Employs abduction again
Collecting innocents to steal their purity

I see the global decline
While wealthy pockets are lined
The masses begging them to show some sympathy
Without a care in their heart
They let it all fall apart
Their twisted rationales have never made sense to me!


Their Machiavellian minds
Concoct their wicked designs
They think they’re standing on the side of destiny
Constricting freedom again
They’ve wrought the ultimate sin
They’ve made pariahs of the sons of liberty

And in the name of their God
They wage their war and applaud
The deadly dogma that controls society
Who fucking gave you the right
To spread perpetual night?
Your holy rationales have never made sense to me! "

-Out Of Line by Device


“Darkness can’t drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate can’t drive out hate; only love can do that.” - Martin Luther King Jr


“When one cannot complete an essay on political analysis, all one can do is eat a personally created Kit Kat.”

James Tutton, 2016.


“To play a wrong note is insignificant. To play without passion is unexcusable.” — Ludwig van Beethoven.


What do you play?


I play a bit of piano. I’d like to play the viola, but they are expensive and I may never afford one.


Define ‘bit of’.


I can read scores and sight-read short melodies, but anything faster than a semi-quaver is a pain to play and I’m horrible at measuring tempo correctly. I can’t be trusted on using the correct finger positioning.


You should get lessons! I’m sure you’d enjoy it. I haven’t played in a few months now, but I could go back to get at any time and just start playing as I’ve got my grades behind me. It’s like riding a bike. It’s impossible to forget when it’s been drilled into you for 11 years.


Yeah, but lessons are expensive. I already have a universitary career to take care of, it’s just good that it’s a tuition-free public university or I’d be fucked, but the studying materials are still costly. Maybe when I finish my grad and I start working with a decent payment I’ll be good to go, but not now. It’ll be 5 years until then, though.

Ironic. I never learned to ride a bike. Not that I didn’t try; I just couldn’t.

Anyway, I don’t like to derail this thread.


‘The rich buy assets. The poor only have expenses. The middle class buys liabilities they think are assets. The poor and middle class work for money. The rich have money work for them.’ - Robert Kiyosaki