Racing at an early age?


Is it helping or hurting children to start racing at such early ages as they do now? I know it can be a good lesson in safety, and help improve driving skills to help them avoid injury when they turn 16 since they know the basics of driving, but should children as young as 5-7 be racing competitively? I know earlier this summer i got into a nice wreck on a go-kart track during warmup because a 7 year old kid got the jitters and locked up his go-kart in the middle of a turn. I was so worried i had hurt the little kid. What yall think?


yes, but in age defined classes. that is, a 7 yr old should only race other 7 yr olds or so. like when i raced BMX in the NBL, there were racing categories by age, and by skill: rookie, novice, expert, pro (A and AA). you could only race your age class and skill unless for example- you were a 6 year old expert, you could race a 7 yr old novice… up an age, down a level. keeping things fair for motor sports, they should be allowed to, but restrictions on who races who and how much power motors the ages can use to race with should be restricted.


no. thats when they should be learning their multiplication tables…

5 pts for leading the most laps, and ive lead the most laps at 4 races, so thats 20 pts :banana

eh if the kid likes it, and the parents are ok with it, let em tear up the tracks :booze