Radicalisation sources


Yvette Cooper recently said that the right of UKIP and Conservatives are ‘basically radicalised’

and then banged away about radicalisation sources like certain websites.

She was debating about how people get radicalised, and a security expert said ‘no one gets radicalised by what they read or see on a mere screen’

So I can reveal, as a proclaimed ‘radical’ by senior political figures, that my source of radicalisation is the mainstream news, since my views are mostly out of spite of this fourth estate. I listen and watch the BBC and the content as well as the political correctness within absolutely encouraged me to be ‘radical’ since I am disgusted by what I saw, hence my views today being what they are, despite displaying CDU’s banner in my signature 2 years ago and celebrating the EU.

Where did you get ‘radicalised’?

Should we have multiple tiers of ‘radicalisation’?

Is Yvette Cooper a Loonie Radical? Killing in the name of Looney Tunes?

Is Yvette Cooper mentally healthy enough to remain in a cohesive society? Should she be removed for the betterance of it?


Conservatives made me radical


These fuckos in their bubble, the reality is that we are closer to the centre then they are, but they just happen to still control the legacy media


Yvette Cooper claims to be a centrist.

She’s on the far left. In fact, she is on the politically mentally unhealthy side. Nobody who claims that an aversion to immigration is militant radicalisation can possibly be labeled as a politically functioning human being.


back when i was alt-right, it would be /pol/


I think I would prefer those times :frowning:


but Yvette Cooper and all those clowns are just like beached wales, out of power for the rest of their careers

I think the refugee invasion of two yrs ago and the left’s pathetic PC response to it sowed the seeds of the liberal’s destruction


My father gave me a healthy dose of anti-liberalism from a young age, so I started off in the right direction. From that I grew to think along the lines of a tea party con back in the day, before being offput by the retards in the movement. At some point I started to question things long decried as “bad” in public education, etc.

Yeah man, it’s a process to reach my power level. At least, to hold it with conviction.


you’re not god tier tho


Probably reading Nietzsche and Sorel.


Mein Kampf is a great read!


if we’re including family then my dads views definitely opened me up to controversial viewpoints and made me less “OMGHOWCANUSAYTHAT”-y. (Dad is openly racist.) I was pretty left wing pre-/pol/ though but then I just turned into a living form of cancer.

now I’m back in The Eternal Center TM


My father, my only parental figure in my life, was a very humble man, bringing in income as a butcher. His political ideology was paleoconservative. He denies racial differences, most gender differences, and he is very pro-Israel (doesn’t surprise me, most older people are). Now he always let me and my sister take our own actions in live, he would say that, “Whatever you become, I will not step on your toes about it.” and so I spoke to him often about politics and such when I was younger, ten to thirteen. However once I got into High School I read The Prince, and next thing that lead to another I was reading the Social and Political Doctrine of Fascism. Books and the internet radicalized me from a Left-Wing libertarian (which I came to realize don’t exist) to a Right-Wing, supporter of the physical removal of Socialist, Fascist man.

Funny thing is me and my sister are politically opposites. She remained on the left, she started drinking at thirteen, smoking at fourteen, and became really just a degenerate by most standards of the word. She seems to be becoming more centrist. I debate with her on some occasions and often am able to change her stance on most issues. My father says it is quite funny how his two children grew up only one year apart, in the same household, with the same father, have such different political and moral ideals.


Why do drinking and smoking at a young age imply being degenerate?


She started drinking at 13

Depending on what level of drinking we’re talking about, I have no issue. A glass of wine or a beer at dinner is fine for a 13 or 15-year-old IMO, but if you’re referring to heavy drinking then that is indeed an issue.

Still don’t see how this discredits her political views though


I disagree, drinking and smoking in general are bad. Also it doesn’t discredit her political views, just how I view her socially.


Smoking and drinking are things people who cannot physically, with their own bodies, or mentally, with their mind, or even socially, with a group of friends, stimulate themselves enough to be content. Alcohol makes people content without any effort being put into it, plus it is an addictive substance that can, if abused, make you need to have it to be content with yourself. Drinking and smoking isn’t degenerate just because you did it at a young age, it is degenerate at any age.


Interesting. So I am guessing you neither drink nor smoke?


I’ve no reason to, so why should I. I am a strong follower of Friedrich Nietzsche and he said that to become the best you can be, you must develop yourself, alcohol and smoking are just crutches that those who choose not to develop themselves use to make themselves happy or content with their physical, mental and emotional failures.


I basically radicalised myself. I started off politically as a libcap, but then through personal experiences and just watching/listening the news, I’ve become very authoritarian. I flip between between auth left and right though, because political opportunity can come from either side. But yeah, Ik autocracies and oligarchies can become really awful, but like, to me no-one is born with rights. Although it’s stupid to be too awful because then people will rise up against you and because no-one likes a cunt.