Radicalisation sources


Nobody rose up against Stalin, at least not successfully. He was a despised cunt. Same goes for Mao and Pol Pot, though the latter was taken out by the Vietnamese


True but also, i should have clarified, I’m thinking about America. With so many guns and with militia groups spread throughout, it would be harder to consolidate control vs China and Russia back then. Also, while Mao did bad stuff (cultural rev, great famine), He’s considered a 70-30 in China, like a 70% good 30% bad. Not saying he was good, just how he’s been seen (besides areas like Hong-Kong where they want democracy and all that.) Nor am I saying they should rise up, I’m kinda hobbesian in my views of society lol.


Not nearly as difficult as you’d think though. Fear is an effective motivator, and if a demagogue takes power then they could easily oppress the population due to their support from a fanatical minority. Just look at Andrew Jackson for example


True. In actuality most people would cower I guess if a tyrant came by. Tbh that just makes me more willing to let an autocrat take power. I don’t have the highest view of society so :man_shrugging: Besides, Im an elitist again, so I’m okay with a few ruling the many.


So an aristocracy. You sound like Alexander Hamilton, but edgier and more confused. Don’t worry Aaron Burr is dead and duels are illegal, you’ll be fine


Im okay with an aristocracy, prefer autocracies but aristocracies are an acceptable concession. And shit you right, I just need to find me an archnemesis.


People talk about feeling the Bern, but what about Hamilton? He REALLY felt the Burrn


Oh My God. Wait, so, if a politician gets killed for political reasons, can we say that they got Burrned?


Yes. That is now officially a thing, but only if they are killed by their opponent. Now I’m gonna go take a break from the puns to run a few Aarons…