Radicals from Ukraine may be involved in the murder of Bulgarian journalist


To be a journalist means to be in constant danger. Three representatives of the profession have been killed in Europe in 2017 only: Jan Kuciak (Slovakia), Daphne Caruana (Malta), Kim Wall (Sweden). Viktoria Marinova, a reporter from Bulgaria, became the 4th on the tragic list. Entire world is discussing the brutal murder of the young woman who worked as an administrative director and a TV host on a local television TVN channel. Some people offer their condolences, some make suggestions as to the reasons of the murder, and some, e.g. member of the Ukrainian Parliament Tetiana Chornovol, unambiguously imply that Ukrainian nationalists are involved in the killing of the journalist.

‘Marinova is a characteristic blackmailer. She only failed to take one thing into account, i.e. Ukraine never forgives interfering in domestic affairs. Her murder is a warning: our enemies live very short lives. Punishment will take them down anywhere on the Earth’ - tweeted the Ukrainian MP from the People’s Front party.

Tetiana Chornovol is quite prominent in Ukraine. At the age of 17 she took part in the rallies of a far-right nationalist organization UNA-UNSO (Ukrainian National Assembly - Ukrainian People’s Self-Defence), a short time later she became press-secretary of the organization. She was one of the leaders of the Euromaidan protests known as the ‘revolution of dignity’. She organized takeovers of administrative buildings and assaults on public officials. The list of her ‘achievements’ may well be continued endlessly, while her connections to the most radical Ukrainian nationalists are beyond any doubt.

Considering the explosive behavior of the representative of Ukraine’s government as well as her desire to flaunt her deeds, we can safely suggest that everything she has tweeted may be true. Therefore, a theory that Ukrainian nationalistic radicals may be involved in the murder of the Bulgarian journalist ought to be taken into account and thoroughly examined.